Hi. I draw stuff.
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ActionBastard and Tyler’s relationship is something I strive to emulate.

(Thanks for hosting the Retsuspective, PinstripeHourglass!)

Here are some photos of a dog I sculpted around a year ago. I kept on forgetting to post him, for some reason.

(page 34) In our penultimate page, we see Heinrich still has no social skills whatsoever. At least he’s got a little hope now, though.

The stuffed animal’s name is Esther.

New friends!


(page 33) Sometimes, people reach out. And sometimes, that’s okay.

She’s thinking about her mother.

I’m posting my comic on Mon/Wed/Fri this week because IT’S THE LAST THREE PAGES! Thank you guys so much for your support in this endeavor!

The pretty parasol is always a poor substitute.