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A typical rough concept page for me.

I read Ovid when I was ten. I do not recommend letting your child read Ovid when they are ten.

Magda doodle.

I’ve been finding eyepatches very compelling lately, I dunno why. 

Sketches of character concepts I came up with a year or so ago.

There’s information in the picture captions, but I’ll paraphrase here: The first picture showcases the political parties and their leaders from left to right: Nationalist Party (hég Knaschun): Suzie Schriber; Liberation Party (hégir Freimtante): Reinhard Pol; the Party (hég Reitd): Osgood Oswell; Workers’ Party (hége Arbeime): Sylvia Yulman; Independent Party (hég Selbstin): Helga Holstein. The following pictures have a few facts (and they are facts, entirely devoid of opinion) about the parties, going in the same order.

As for the political parties, here’s the skinny version, if you don’t want to read all that crap:

  • Nationalists are racist old farts who want to bring back the glory days that never existed. They also want world domination, but nobody seems to acknowledge or be phased by this. I bet everyone who’s in this party has a shotgun on their porch. Ugh.
  • Liberation-ers(?) are liberal kids who wanna take down the establishment. How cool. Too bad the establishment kinda convinced everybody that they’re whacko terrorists. Anyways, their name says it all! They want to free you from the tyrannical establishment! Why…why are you so comfortable being enslaved by these nutjobs? It’s because they give everybody free cable, isn’t it? Stupid Reitd policy!
  • Partiers (fun guys!) are the establishment. You know you love them. They’re not crazy, they swear. And if you say otherwise, you’re not going to like the results. Just… Look, those Nationalists are way more nutso, okay? They wanna take over the subcontinent, for Malthus’s sake! Reitd members are the only murgs who can run for federal office, and that makes sense. They have great semi-socialized economic policy! And brilliant ethnocentric international relations! That involve, well, uh, nothing, since, you know, Argrea’s a paranoid militant isolationist. Which is for the best, they promise! You don’t want to know what life’s like in Villich. Jerks.
  • Workers are totally not communists, they swear. Jeez, all they want is the government to have full control over the economy! Communists are evil; workers are not. Oh, and they’d really like it if the government would finally sanction unions. That’d be so cool, man. Now, they completely understand that everyone in white collar work is required by law to support the Reitd party—and that’s totally fine—but it’d be nice if people could join unions too. Belonging to an all-encompassing and corrupt government party just is not an adequate substitution.
  • Independenters??? have no opinions. They are sick of opinions. They reject ethos. You really don’t have to have an ideology in order to join them; in fact, they’d really prefer that. Nietzsche would weep, for surely these are his Übermenschen. Such independence of thought and morality! They refuse to be sheep. Nationalists call them hippies, and you know what? Sure! Stupid hippies! Get off my lawn!

I’m sorry about rambling about this stuff, but it’s a lot of fun and this is my blog, so. Yeah. There’s so much more to these parties, especially hég Reitd, the oh so beloved and exalted official government political party. I’d call Argrea a utopia, but I’m not much for understatement.

This is a verb chart of a regular -et verb. Murgzt has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. It also has four forms of second person and declension with five cases. There’s this complicated rule about capitalization, too, but I’m not going to get into that right now because I have a burning need to ramble about fake accents to a fake language:

Murgzt inflection differs wildly between regions and nations. „Houi!“ (“Hello!”) can sound more melodic or guttural depending on the speaker. In Argrea, Murgzt is more melodic in urban areas. In the high mountain towns and most of Arria, where they speak a more guttural dialect, it sounds horribly crass and uneducated to murgs who are more used to a “softer” dialect. Guttural Murgzt as known as a fast-talking, clipped accent that is mocked as sounding “phlegmy.” Softer Murgzt is generally accepted to be „Huut-Murgzt“ (proper/educated Murgzt), though the Argrean government takes a weirdly obsessive nationalistic pride in their country bumpkins’ funky accents. (The great Thomas Malthus would have approved, surely!) The guttural accent is not widely spread. Nations like Villich, for example, have a higher instance of the softer appearance of words because they use the front of the pallet, rather than the middle/back. Despite the general preference for Villichian accents, it is not considered proper Murgzt, as the language is supposed to be pronounced using primarily the middle of the mouth.

Despite the amount of thought I’ve put into this useless topic, I am still somehow academically successful. No, I don’t understand it, either.

Behold, Sofia Piper: first Great Leader of Argrea, and founder of the Church of Thomas Malthus. Piper has led us to greatness. Piper has made Argrea the proud nation that it is today. Piper will go down in history for her all-encompassing benevolence and prowess in assassinating any who defied her. Hail Piper. Malthus rest her soul.

Traditional uniforms of the regions of Argrea.

This is the standard Murgzt alphabet. It’s equivalent to most Latin-derived alphabets for the most part. Certain words also have their own individual symbols. (All words describing murgs subscribe to this, as seen in the term “Murgzt,” which combines the symbol for “murg” with an additional symbol for “language,” but otherwise it’s pretty rare. Every word has an alternate, more common regular “simplified” form.) The language is primarily Germanic in structure. I tried to make something that looks nice and isn’t overly complicated. Most murgs don’t write with weighted lines, so it looks less calligraphic in practice. The subtitle below the heading in simplified Murgzt represents a more accurate usage.

If this isn’t the thug life, I don’t know what is.